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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
Don't forget the inertial dampeners (or what was it again?)
Funny !!!! I almost hurt myself laughing at that scene.

Well, I am back home and just numb. Huge expectations from all the buzz and the movie just sailed past all of them at warp speed. I realize that I am one insanely happy clam right now and trying to keep things in perspective - but I experienced more entertainment, more concern for the characters, more interest in the story, and more just plain fun and excitement than with any other Trek premier I can remember going back to TMP. I had to resist moist eyes in the final scene, which was played just right for the heartstrings.

I absoluely loved Spock Prime's comment in the hangar bay near the end.

Nothing I didn't like except for lens flare (a little would be fine - it was way overdone) and the background music in Iowa - not my thing but it sort of worked in a strange way so no complaints...
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