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How is this not true Star Trek?

Star Trek the Original Series was in essence a Spaghetti Western Space Opera with Science Thrown in. The original Star Trek was always about character drama, how would mankind deal with these alien situations. All this Science stuff was mainly pushed to the fore front during the Next Generation, but even then it was still primarily a character driven story.

Until JJ brought Star Trek back to its original vision most star trek of late was more shield modulation this or phaser frequency that, and apologies to the original poster but that's nothing but ****. The only truly good Star Trek post Original Series was Next Generation (Early Years)/Deep Space Nine (Dominion War - Shows the darker side of the federation).

All science fiction ever was or should be is an existential metaphor, that allows us to tell stories about the human condition. I truly look forward to see what more JJ will bring to Star Trek, because except for the few naysayers out their Star Trek is back!
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