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Originally Posted by flyer00jay View Post
I liked almost all of it, and if you are reading this you probably already know the movie.
What did you think of the Uhura - Spock thing, it just didn't work for me.
I was cringing when they were saying goodbye in the transporter chamber before Kirk and Spock beamed over.
Everything flowed, but that didn't feel right.
I realize they didn't have time to fill in the back story to how they met, but it seemed a big jump to me.
Anyone else think one way or the other?

The movie really rocked at almost every point.
I really enjoyed the Uhura/Spock thing. It humanized Spock in a way that had never been established in previous Trek. I just have one question: Does anybody else think Nero made it back to the Prime Timeline? It seems to me he went out the same way he came in.
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