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Default All I have to say is that those of us who worried, worried needlessly. (no spoilers)

I believe the stars and the director and every member of the film crew upheld Star Trek in it's most cherished traditions. Suprisingly, for an old die hard trekkie, I felt right at home. I think Pine's Kirk was excellent, I particularly enjoyed the characters of Kirk and Pike and their interaction. There were some very nice surprises, and some of the stuff I was really looking forward to didn't turn out to be all that important to the plot, but were still cool. My only dissapointments were a couple of rough editing points that were distracting, other than that, nothing. I was excited and thrilled from the first moment. Respect was shown to what went before, in more ways than one. I have no complaints about that. Just one little tiny detail bothered me, being the caretaker of a handicapped individual. But it had no affect on the entertainment factor of the film, which was immense. All in all a marvellous motion picture, and most enjoyable. Considering that my great love for Star Trek might color my rating of the film somewhat, I'm going to try and overlook that factor and be as brutally honest as I know how to be as I would with any other film and rate it at 3 and 1/2 out of five stars. Not immaculate, (few films even come close to that) but really, really good.
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