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Well many of you guys know I predicted this would be a terrible movie- from the scenes and previews they showed it looked like it would be all action, throw everything you know about star trek out the window, no plot, interaction, etc...

I was very pleasently surprised- much of this movie can fit well into the universe, like most trek movies impossible situations are little too easily solved with some technical feat that will never be repeated even though it seems so easy... without giving it away take for example ST:IV and Time Travel- an old Klingon ship and a recently reborn spock can travel through time at will but aparently neither the Klingons nor federation ever use the technology again. Whatever- we are used to this.

I agree the McCoy character was the best played of them all... Spock and Kirk tied for 2nd, Sulu a strong 3rd... Chekov... well- a little too goofy IMO but not bad... Unfortunately, Scotty, who should probably have had the most dignity of all was almost painful to watch... Luckily he doesn't have many lines. His back story is one of the weakest points of the movie.

That said, overall, I really liked it... the person I was with who knew of star trek but never really saw star trek also really liked it though I doubt she could have picked up on most of the throwbacks/references- although she knew McCoy would eventually say "I'm a doctor not a -----"

I could write a hundred pages on improvements, of course, but it was also far better then I hoped. There is a plot, there is trek canon, and it's 'good enough' to stand on its own.
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