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Does anyone else agree with here in that the first 20 minutes of this movie was spectacular? I can't write an entire review on it now but I'll surmise the most memorable points in the movie for me.
  • The score, from the first moment we see it with the movie title, I fell in love with it. Beautifully suited and delivered.
  • The directing was beautiful especially as the camera glided around the sun-kissed hull of the Kelvin then panning us into the industrious look of the darkened bridge with it's red lights.
  • When young James was in the car and heard the cell phone ring, I thought "that sounds familiar". When we see it to be Nokia phone I literally laughed out. I thought the change of pace and tone was done brilliantly. From the eerie scope of space, "death and disease", to a sunny Iowa afternoon with a car chase in the desert involving a hover motorycle. Who could have thought of that, honestly?
  • Seeing the young Vulcans being schooled in those small hubs built into the ground was fascinating. And when young Spock enquired if those bullies had new insults for him, cute, but I literally laughed out in the theatre when they responded in saying "...affirmative". Quality.
  • Everything else.
The questionable points, if any, for me involved three main characters. Chekov, Bones and Scotty. Neither of them excelled in performance or even maintaining to live up to preconceptions about the characters, but they had ups and downs. The Enterprise computer being unable to recognise Chekov's voice inputs was just hilarious but seeing him with a goofy aspect to his character in running around the ship wasn't something to behold. I only say this because I was cautiously hoping that a sci-fi title wouldn't ooze cheesiness to the crowd. Bones didn't personally impress me. His interaction with Kirk, however, was priceless and done well but having him on the bridge saw him decline in my opinion. I just didn't buy the actor's portrayal of anxiety, anger or disbelief. He seemed outlandish in every volley of moan unnecessarily so. And of course Scotty. Well firstly his accent was diabolical. But curiously he seemed more comfortable in the role of the comedian and, maybe its my own preconceptions about Simon Pegg, but I just didn't believe him to a genius engineer of a Starship. He was at his best on the bridge trying to get the water out of his ear. By the way, I was most disappointed with the lack of 'light' showing in the distance at the point where the warp vessels left visibility.

I loved the movie in almost every sense. If I could use one word to describe it it would be "great fun", and the last paragraph in no way is a reflection of the entire film but I just felt it worth the time to highlight my questions over certain elements of the characters.
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