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I really enjoyed it for the most part, thought there was just a bit too much comedy. The whole "not taking off the breaks" part I thought really killed the moment of the Enterprise Warping off for the 1st time.

I didn't like how Delta Vega suddenly shifted from the very edge of the Galaxy to being almost a moon of Vulcan (givin how big Vuclan looks from Delta Vega). Meh, maybe I'm just one of those "Purists" the director was refering to. I'm not really one to nitpick over details, but I don't think its being too hard to ask you at least be consistant of where locations are. (especially since there are starmaps of key places already) Having Delta Vega shifted to being so close to Vulcan is like slapping Ireland off the West coast of North America and saying thats where it's always been.

Theres a few little annoying bits, but I did infact really like it, i'm only a couple of hours back from watching it so i'll hold my hands out and say i've not fully "absorb" things in any detail and it'll take a couple of more viewings for me I think. Look forward to seeing it on blu-ray.

I'll finish on high note and say no other Trek film for me (apart form maybe Khan) had that bit of punch or adrenaline that this movie has. It really pulled classic Star Trek into big budget big screen and that can only be a good thing.
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