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Watched it yesturday at an advanced screening in Toronto. I ****in Loved it! I think i have a new favorite movie!!
there is so much on my mind, that i don't know where to begin.

Chris Pine: The minute i saw him, he was Jim Kirk! no doubts about it there. His cockyness just makes him the hero of the movie. It was limited perfectly.
I loved him during the Kobiyashi Maru scene. That killed me! Hes not shatner, but he is Kirk!

Zachary Quinto: Being a huge fan of Heroes and his, he had to grow on me as spock. My fiance is a huge fan of his too and we both think he did amazing job, he nailed
Spock down,(looks, acting etc.) Even though his voice is not like Nimoys, I think he was one of my favorites in the movie. one thing i liked that he brought to spock was the struggle of Spock's two heritages. It was a real change. Even for the romance he had with Uhura. Which i really liked!

Karl Urban: This man got Kelley pat down! his acting, his bitterness. All the famous lines (people at the theatre cheering when he said a certain line) Another one of my favorites.

Simon Pegg: Even though he wasnt in the movie that long, he is my favorite hands down!! every line he gave put me in stitches. The accent was great.

Anton Yelchin: Considering my fiance is Russian and her parents were there too. I have to say he was amazing! there was a scene where he said something in Russian in an act of self amazement, and they were in tears! He was great for the time he was on screen.

John Cho: Everytime my fiance looks at him, she laughs because of him being in the harold and kumar movies, but i think this Sulu was good for what he was in this movie!
he was awesome during the scene on the mining drill. Everyone cracked up at Fencing being hand to hand combat training.

Zoe Sandala: This Uhura was more developed in this movie and really had a role! i've never seen her so out there! oh! and he looks great without a shirt!

Leonard Nimoy: I can't critique this man! all i can say, it was wonderful to tears to see him play spock again. I can imagine how he felt to see a younger kirk. that scene was brilliant!

The Enterprise was beautiful really! I dont care what all the haters have to say about all that is wrong with her! She is simply a beautiful ship, regardless!

Just watching this takes me back. It feels right! i feel more complete! I cannot wait to see this movie again!

being a huge fan of Trek since i was 2! I dont care about canon! never did, never will.
things are different and they explain that. This opens a new door for more adventures.
J.J Abrams really outdid himself with this movie! hes given Trek another chance!

For a 2 hour and 6 minute movie, it went by fast. I enjoyed every minute of it.
I felt joy, saddness...and clapped hard at the end.

Trek is back baby!!

*****/5 stars
McCoy: Uhm, Captain? Don't look now but i think that guy with the pointy ears is Sylar!
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