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Originally Posted by Nonessential Personnel View Post
Let me first say that I am not a "purist". I love TOS and I have as much geek-technical knowledge about the TOS as anyone can have and I simply do not care about minor (or even major) variations from canon.

I do not care about the Enterprise being built on earth in Iowa, or about Vulcan being destroyed, or about the rushed backstories of the characters, or the look of the bridge etc. etc. Seriously, I don't give a damn.

But what I do care about are Kirk, Spock and McCoy and simply put, I felt that they went too far with the Spock-Uhura thing.

The scene in the elevator was great. You could feel the tension in Spock, the agony he was experiencing and see him struggle to control his expression of emotion for Uhura. I thought it was fantastic. But then they went too far.

The scene in the transporter room where Spock was happily smooching Uhura was ridiculous, imo. That's not Spock. That's just so far outside of the character of Spock that I've having trouble swallowing the whole thing. In fact, and I hate to say this, it's killing the entire movie for me. ARGH! I wanted to love it and I loved 90% of it but when this amazing character I have cared about for 20+ years acts so completely out of character it just kills me.

The worst part is that the scene in the transporter room didn't advance the story, it was just there to make the cheap joke of Kirk being thrown off and learning her first name. The point was made in the great turbolift scene, but the idea was ruined in the transporter scene.


I haven't cared much about Star Trek in a long time and was soooooo psyched for this movie and I can't beleive how upset over this I have become. I'm actually emotional over it. Hey! Just like Spock!

[/comic book guy-esque rant]
I love Spock as much as you do, believe me. But consider this, This time is supposed to be very early in their lives, Spock smiled hugely on The Cage, and Menagerie. I think this early Spock was grappling with his human side here. How do we know that Spock/Uhrua didn't get it on originally? It will prolly be the next movie before Spock becomes fully logical and like the Spock we love!!!

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