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Sorry Magnum, but with your predetermined bias (which you yourself admit), in the most respectful way possible, I can't take your review as seriously as I would like. I personally enjoyed the movie, and yes,

However, in response to your stating that Trek is dead, we can go back to the original Trek any time we want. Those things still happened, they just won't or will occur differently for the next generation of fans. I understand what you mean about wanting to have another Original Timeline movie, would be great to see a post Nemesis adventure for Picard and crew.

Personally for this movie, I may have mentioned it before, I'm looking at it as a sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths type scenario, key elements are still the same, but there's less baggage. Think of Superman in this instance, iconic character, been around since the 1930's, and has been through several reboots in the comic, each reboot changed something, in the 1930's, Superman could only leap and not fly, come the 1970s he could blow out stars and wasn't a newspaper reporter, he was a TV reporter, late 80s, complete reboot, now Lex Luthor wasn't a mad scientist but a business man, 2004, Clark's now a vegetarian (what happens to all the stories where he used his favorite Beef dish as a secret password?), there are small differences, big differences, but at the core, it's still the same.

I doubt that any of my rambling will change your mind, and that's ok. I just wanted to state my opinion as well.

I thought the movie was great and give it a solid 8 out of 10. There was room for improvement, but sequel wise, now that the crew's all set, they can jump straight into the story next time around. And if Gene Roddenberry's son says is a good movie, well, then I'm convinced that it was handled well.

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