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Originally Posted by trekguy View Post
Spoc quoted in the movie, That an ALTERNATE Timeline had been created.
If you were a real Star Trek fan:
1. You would have listened, without ignoring half the movie.
2. You would know this is not the first time a Timeline has been created in Star Trek.

The other movies HAVE happened, However, Not in the same Timeline as the new Movie. A New timeline was created the moment Nero came through and attacked Captain George Kirk.

1 Example of an Alternate Timeline:
The Evil Universe, shown in most of the Star Trek series.
DS 9 and the Star Trek Enterprise went back to the Mirror Universe and kept it alive. I hope Paramount does the same for the normal Star Trek Universe. Thats all I am asking. Keep this universe of Abrams, but please every once in a while make a movie about the normal universe too.
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