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Originally Posted by Natural View Post
I lol'd.

I don't mind negative reviews, just think about what you post and how to structure it before you do.

Star Trek maybe dead for you, but it isn't for us. And im loving Trek more than ever at the moment

Enjoy your Trek free world. I feel sorry for you =(
The problem is, I do not want my world Star Trek Free. And I had a disaster with this when I typed it the first time, I clicked something and the whole window closed and I lost everything so I was typing rather fast trying to remember what I typed the first time. No for those who wondered. I already saw the movie, I do not need to see it again. I am going with my grandmother because she enjoys chatting with me and would be very sad if I did not go with her. And I enjoy her company. Besides she may convince me this is a good movie. She has done that for other films before.
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