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Default Today is Movie day (Major spoilers)

`Went to Taco Bell with my Grandmother. She wanted to see what was playing at the theatre so I drove her to the theatre. She saw that Abramsprise was playing. She goes, WOW New Star Trek Movie, I want to see it, I told her it was not a good movie. She said she would make that decision herself. She watched all the origional Star Trek shows, when they first permiered in 1966. So I will try to take her to the movie,(Maybe take my walkman with me to listen to some music or the news while the disaster is playing) either Friday or Monday.

Many know I hate this movie. Besides the fluff I will now explain a few details why I hate the movie.


I tried to use the code for the spoiler hiding thing but it does not seem to work I invite the moderators to fix it if possiable thank you

the spoiler tag works

Three. Star Trek is Dead.

You all can say Parallel Universe, Alternate Time Line. But unless Paramount makes a new movie in the normal Star Trek Universe, Then the time line is dead. Paramount could declare all the fan movies to be official and that would keep the time line alive. But unless Paramount did that or made a new movie in the normal Star Trek Canon Universe, its dead. You can say that the normal Star Trek is still there all you want, but unless you actually make a movie about that normal Star Trek or declare the Fan Fiction official, there is no evidence for the normal star trek line existing.

Thats my review.

0 stars out of 10


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