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Default Movie Discussion/ SPOILER reviews HERE - *SPOILERS* enter at own risk

well I just got back from seeing the film at IMAX in Melbourne... they had star trek music playing before the film started, the music used in The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan I believe, thought it was a great touch... got you ready for what you were about to see...

just a few discussion points, and things that stood out in the film for me...

I thought I'd never see the day...
  • Beastie Boys music in star trekfilm! I'm glad with this selection if they felt inclined to include modern music. The Beastie Boys have promoted the fact through their music that they're trek fans. If anyone deserved to have their music included it would be them. Also the first time the F word has appeared in star trek too!
  • Product placement in star trek! Nokia phone, and Budweiser were the two I saw... Did I miss any others? Still drink crap beer in the 24th century?
  • Spock and Uhura and item, did not see that one coming... Spock better be embracing his Human side, because it would be a shame to hit that only once every seven years...
  • another thing i didn't see coming was Vulcan being destroyed... very bold move, and sets up a very different universe obviously... but I think it's great for the film, and the future films.
the fact they steered the discussion to point out it was an alternate universe, was probably required, but could've been done in a better fashion... Old Spock could've done that on Hoth, and it wouldn't... sorry Delta what ever it was called...

which brings me to my next point, kicking him off the ship in the middle of nowhere? I know Spock was emotional, due to his mother's death, and his planet being destroyed, but that was a little silly...

obviously required to fit Old Spock into the story, but this part could've been written a little better... I mean, transporting from a stationary planet to a ship moving at warp speed? a little disappointing this period of the film...

the other part that i didn't feel fitted all that well was the ceremony when Kirk received his promotion to captain... Kirk had just saved earth, but Vulcan had just been destroyed, yet he receives rapturous applause... I guess I felt the occasion should've been a little more solemn... celebrating, but remembering...

it doesn't stop you from enjoying it though...

The Performances:
  • Old Spock - Leonard Nimoy, enough said...
  • McCoy - Karl Urban stole the show for mine. Read an article the other day where Leonard Nimoy said he cried when he saw Urban playing the role of McCoy, and I can understand why. He was amazing from the opening line, he talked like DeForest Kelly, looked like DeForest Kelly, sounded like DeForest Kelly, but didn't feel like he was impersonating him. Great performance.
  • Kirk - very good from Pine. Captured the essense of Kirk I felt.
  • Spock - Quinto did great justice to the character. Top choice.
  • Scotty - Pegg was quite funny, had scotties attitude. Wasn't given enough time in the film for mine though.
  • The others all did a solid job. Chekov was quite funny, Uhura was hottown, Sulu was solid. Of all the original characters, I thought these last two were the least similar, the least outstanding performances. Although they were probably the "blandest" characters from the original series, so there wasn't any major characteristics the actors had to convey. So having said that they still did a good job.
  • Nero - Bana did a good job, but not given enough screentime for mine. He suffered from the focus on the main cast, which needed to be done, but I would've liked more time on him. A better faceoff at the end with Kirk would've been great.
Hats off to the past (please feel free to add, I'm sure i've not got them all)
  • Kirk cheating on the Kobiashi Maru test
  • Scotty mentioning Admiral Archer's dog
  • Captain Pike ending up in a wheelchair (of different sorts)
  • Where McCoy got the name "Bones"
  • Chekov and his pronounciation
  • Sulu being trained in fencing
  • Kirk's fetish for green women
  • Spock chosing starfleet over the science academy
  • Red shirt dying 2 minutes into the away mission... At least this guy had a name, but as soon as he was on the mission you knew he was gone...
  • Leonard Nimoy reading the "Space, the final frontier" passage at the end
  • TOS theme music for the credits
overall, I had high expectations, and they were pretty much met... some things could've been done better... 8.5 out of 10 for mine, with 10 being the perfect film... great film, will probably go again within the next week...

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