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Hmm, I guess I should round up what I didn't like about the film... I agree with the posters here saying that there needed to be more in the way of beauty shots, because well, they're beautiful. There were a few, and oh God were they beautiful, but I'm left hungry for more.

I also agree with whoever said that Chekov was overplayed. If Yelchin could speak with a natural Russian accent without hamming it up (like Simon Pegg did with his Scottish accent), that would be great. Maybe in the next film?

The infodump with Spock Prime was a touch jarring, and didn't quite gel with the pace of the rest of the film, but I forgive them that because it was Leonard Nimoy providing it. And it wasn't drawn out, either. The moment they stepped into the station on Delta Vega, back into the usual pace we dove.

All of the above, of course, was utterly outweighed by the good aspects of the film.
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