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Preview review of German version
I read most of the reviews and all spoilers... when you read scene descriptions and how beautiful this scene is and how great that ship looks... you begin to imagine it. So I imagined several scenes that were described as beautiful, thrilling, etc. Problem is: they probably look different in the film.
I expected more. The beautiful scenes were simply too short.
Didn't like the monsters, but that little parasite could be related to those from Conspiracy (TNG), and I liked that.
The style amazed me (space scenes), the costumes were great (the Romulans remind me of Nosferatu in their costumes and the Starfleet uniforms work perfectly).
Props... hm. Phaser is nothing special, just the typical Sci-Fi blaster. Tricorder is used once for a log entry.
Sounds: The transporter sound is basically the TOS sound with some added features. The intercom sound is a typical TOS button sound!
And you'll even hear the traditional three-note-sound (da-deeee-dap), but not where you'd expect it! Great detail! The tribble also comes with the classic sounds.
I was disturbed by the lens flares and shaky cam when I saw the clips, but I barely noticed them in the movie. Cancel red alert!
All the scenes that made me wanna cry (positively) were over the next moment and that is the big thing I didn't like.
There is one major canon error that is not explained by alternate timelines (Delta Vega and its connection to Vulcan).
I also didn't like the romance in the movie.
But the good things outweigh the bad. So many nods!!!
There is even a great reference to BTTF2!
And there are scenes that remind me of the movies.
Flying to the Ship (TMP) - but too short!
An Admiral's uniform (TMP)
The entire Apple-eating scene (WOK)
A drive malfunction (SFS)
Training (TVH)
Bump! (TFF)
Red matter in zero-G looks like Klingon blood (TUC)
And the end credits are just beautiful.
The most exciting moment was when the title was revealed. Tears all over me (almost)
There were a lot of fans in costume there and I took 18 friends with me.

"English! I thought I dreamed hearing it!"?
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