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Smile Great, but...!

I just returned from the Cinemaxx in Hamburg-Dammtor (Germany).

The movie is great overall. To avoid spoilers, I just say that one habit or capability of James T. Kirk is greatly overdone and people sitting beneath me were saying: "Ohhh , not again. We know it by now." You'll see what I mean when you go and watch it.

Sometimes J.J.'s "shaky cam" goes on my nerves, too. Maybe we should collect some Dollars here in this board and give him a good steadycam. But it was way better than in Cloverfield. No headaches this time.

It was the same for me as with bozimmerman, I nearly couldn't believe how fast the time had passed. The movie grabs you from the beginning and pulls you through the evening, that's great.

Checkov is in my opinion greatly overplayed, from the beginning on he's more like a clown. I don't like that. But maybe that's only in the localized German version. The synchronisation in German was the worst of all Star Trek films ever, if I may say that. . And the alien... like bozimmerman said... it reminds me of Star Wars somehow. It was unneccesary.

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