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If you find a good links with spoilers, please be sure to properly label them:

'Star Trek': Thoughts from a non-fan (no spoilers)
It may not have the biggest opening weekend ever, but once it hits theaters this Friday, Star Trek is without a doubt going to be a movie that fans and non-fans will love equally, and I have a feeling as far as overall box office is concerned, it's going to leave Wolverine in the dust.

Review: Star Trek a Slick, Witty Reboot—With a Twist (slightly spoilerish)
Part sequel, part prequel, all clever reboot. Director J.J. Abrams smartly uses existing Trek continuity to change existing Trek continuity (bear with us here) and delivers the truest big-screen take on the original series yet. Also, along with a near-perfect cast, he obliterates the unofficial rule that says only even-numbered Star Trek movies are good.

‘Star Trek’ seeks out new life and succeeds | 3 stars (definite spoilers)
As rousing as a Klingon war chant and more fun than an engine room full of tribbles, “Star Trek” successfully reboots the venerable franchise, pleasing diehards and newbies alike.

'Star Trek' comes out with phasers blasting (spoilerish- plot details)
Set your phasers to stunned. And prepare to be blown away.

Modern version will please Trekkies, non-Trekkies alike (no spoilers)
Now that I have seen it, I can honestly say that this was possibly the best modernization of the series I could have ever imagined.

Star Trek review - Rolling Stones (slightly spoilerish comments)
Star Trek creates an alternate universe you want to get lost in. It's an irresistible invitation for fun. What more can you ask of a summer movie?

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