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Originally Posted by Captain Pike View Post
How long was King Kong?
Theatrical or special edition - the latter pushes 3 hours.

Originally Posted by HippyDave View Post
Which one, Jackson's remake? Way too bloody long.

Longer is not necessarily better. Sometimes the script and/or director just pad out the running time with witless/pointless non sequiturs. Jackson's Kong wasn't bad, exactly, but it could have lost half an hour of its running time and been just as good, if not better.
I think that's the benefit of doing longer cuts for DVD. I did fidget in the cinema, but at home the long run time doesn't bother me at all. I love setting aside a quiet night for it! I really love Jackson's version of the film, but I get it's run time puts some off.

Originally Posted by thestartrekker View Post
I see a 'Directors Cut' somewhere in the distance.
It's all the rage now - Unrated editions, director's cuts - films are so pliable these days. What u get in the cineme doesn't mean you'll get the same on the DVD.
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