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Originally Posted by Damage75 View Post
Can anyone explain to me why this movie was shortened?

Apparently, we're not going to see alot of Nero's backstory because they had to "get the movie down".

Why would you have to do that? The movie is just over 2 was going to be almost 2 hours & 20 min....what is the big deal about 20 more minutes?

Plus, you've already paid for the scene to be shot, and the actors have already performed it, so aren't you throwing away money by not airing it?

What gives?
When I was watching the youtube footage of his Jimmy Kimmel interview Abrams said that he had filmed the scenes in question because at the time he thought the film needed them, then in editing it, he felt they weren't needed. So he took them out.

That happens in almost every film though.
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