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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I thought this too at the beginning. But there are too many differences between the "real" original timeline and the movie timeline prior to Nero's appearance for them to be the same. I think that Nero and Spock emerge in and alternate universe (Abramsverse) that is about 99% identical to the "real" universe that they left. There are differences, but they are minor. Kirk being born in space instead of in Iowa. Delta Vega being an "ice planet" instead of a desolate desert wasteland like in "WNMHGB". Delta Vega being extremely close to planet Vulcan instead of being located at the edge of the galaxy as in WNMHGB. Captain Pike possibly being many years older than he appeared to be in the flashback scenes from "The Menagerie". Chekov apparently being much older than he was in the original universe.
Yeah, I heard another one. Bobby Ewing wasn't really dead, it was all a dream.

Seriously, these are changes to Star Trek that absolutely didn't have to be made. More and more, I'm hearing people say that Paramount deliberately changed Trek in order to pick a fight with the loyal fans. This board is an example of that tactic.

A public fight of Abrams verses angry Trek fans would create publicity, right? Wasn't that the plan? Isn't that the purpose of this online forum? Didn't Paramount want to make unnecessary changes to Star Trek, so that the loyal fans WOULD be outraged? Isn't that the marketing plan, hmmm???

Problem is, the Trek fans aren't biting. The loyal Trek fans aren't angry about this movie -just very indifferent towards it.

No, this moive is NOT "Canon" and loyal Trek fans will treat it as an anomaly. Even that word ("canon") was chosen to pick a fight with Star Trek fans, wasn't it?

I'm very curious - just WHO do you think the loyal Star Trek fans are, anyway? Because despite the neat marketing language, judging from this forum Paramount doesn't seem to respect fan loyalty. Maybe that's why Paramount has so few successful movie franchises.
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