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Default Agree In Principle, But...

Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
No, not a parallel universe, an alternate timeline that branches off from the original timeline/universe...

A parallel universe would have it's own beginning...the Abrams timeline shares the same beginning as the Trek universe we know and revere.
Been reading some nifty physics stuff for the masses lately (being obsessed with understanding Lost has encouraged this), and in the spirit of the Theory of Everything trying to reconcile Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity, I see a similar situation in how Trek has treated/is treating time travel that makes the answer not so obvious (to me anyway).

To wit, the "Fulfillment" idea is that the temporal paradox is resolved by the future self going back to do what was already done, vs. the "Alternate Timeliine" idea. The Voyager finale was, I think, the latter and not the former, which would mean the future Janeway's world continued to exist as an alternate timeliine. But TOS's Assignment Earth was more the former fulfillment concept. Even when correction to the timeline is being done, it ends up being the fulfillment concept, ala STNG's All Things Considered or DS9's Tribbles reprise episode.

Consider the Planet of the Apes movies. The argument advanced throughout the movie was the "shifting lanes" idea, which is more like the alternate timeline idea, but the movies taken together are more like the fulfillment concept. Similarly with the Back To the Future stuff.

My suggested reconciliation is to say time as experienced is a wide lane that allows for small probablistic variations that don't change the general direction of the lane (think swerving within but never exiting the lane), but one may do a clover leaf exit on the lane and return to the lane (the fulfillment concept) or take a hard exit to proceed onto another lane (the alternate timeline). In either case, one is traversing time, but the nature of the travel ends up different. So, the other lanes are, in some sense parallel, but have branched off or on at certain points.

I gather that the new movie is the latter, which achieves the desired result of simultaneously abandonding but preserving canon. Since a singularity was used to traverse from Trek Prime (the hybrid RoddenberryandB&Bverse) to Trek Delta (the Abramsverse), it is conceivable other cross-overs can happen. (Now to further cook one's noodle, ask yourself is the Mirror Universe a true parallel universe or an alternate timeline?)

To mis-quote Janeway, temporal mechanics gives me a headache.
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