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Default IMAX me baby!

Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Believe it or not, I'm going Thursday...just ordered my tickets.

Anyone who wants to join me, be at the Regal Stadium 14 in Stratford, CT, the 7pm show.

I'll have the official sb63 review on Friday...I'm obliged to post it first across the street at, so it'll be here shortly after.
Sorry you couldn't get into the IMAX showing. As I said to you over at, I'm at the 7 PM show at a theatre near my house. Just me, so that I can have that private moment with Star Trek. (Oh, baby!) After that, I'm racing across DC to hook up with college buddies who are seeing it there. On Saturday, date night with the wife at, what else, the movie! (Couldn't believe she would ask me if this was too much viewing for one movie. Yeesh!)

I look forward to your review, and will share mine on your thread. Take care, SB!
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