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Originally Posted by CAPTAIN MOUSE View Post
A note pad? You're joking right? Holy Moley!..thanks to the internet and online forums now we have people going to movies with laptops and notepads to critique a movie and plaster a review that very few will read online. My gawds! What ever happened to the movie experience...the smell of popcorn, the sloshing of ice cold soda, the rattle of candy in the box? All the while barely contained anticipation for a movie that you have been waiting so long to see. Far be it from me how to tell you how to enjoy you movie going experience...but is a note pad nessesary? You won't be able to articulate what you have seen from memory? I guarantee you one thing you will miss more of the movie trying to write down minutae than actually seeing it. Besides yours and any one elses "review" in this forum will be strickly biased one way or another anyway. Go get extra butter on your popcorn and splurge on a bigger drink. Please don't cheat yourself out of this experience.
Mouse? I've been a writer several times in my life, it's nothing new or different for me.

And I'm capable of writing notes while not necessarily looking at the paper, so your guarantee doesn't hold in my case. Sorry. But thanks for your concern over my enjoyment of the movie.
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