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Originally Posted by Mjolnir2000 View Post
According to whom? The only thing that's canon is what appears in the film, not what the writers say about the film. Writers can change their minds, and often do - nothing is set in stone until it appears on screen, and as long as there's nothing in the movie that actually states this is the same universe, then you can't say one way or the other.
But Orci and Kurtzman did not change their minds about their own script, nor do they contradict their own facts in the comic prequel they conceived.

The explanation shown in Countdown is the same as in the film, but the film explains it much more briefly.

What is stated in the comic is stated in the film, if that helps. Orci wasn't lying in interviews, nor was he making up explanations to soothe the egos of ill-informed fans. He was talking about his own script in as much detail as he could without giving the whole story away months in advance.

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