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Originally Posted by RedShirtsRuS View Post
If you've only seen the trailers then head over to for some actual depth into the movie. And read the 4 Countdown prequel comics.

It's also rather disconcerting that all you are worried about seems to be inconsequential canon issues, but you don't seem at all concerned with the spirit behind Star Trek which is friendship, exploration and a positive vision of the future.

Quit nitpicking and try to look at the bigger picture.

And quit with the martyr attitude. It's really melodramatic and worthless because nobody's really dying. It's a fictional series. It's not like it's your son or daughter or something.

Also the "Star Trek is better off dead" attitude is just a selfish and childish and your part and noone seems to have come up with a logical reason as to why it should die.

Also, knock it off with the "true believer" nonsense. It's unnecessarily divisive and it only makes things worse for everybody.

Gene Roddenberry's son has seen the movie and he likes it. I guess according to you he's not a "true believer in in Gene Roddenberry's vision".

And I guess Leonard Nimoy's involvment in the movie(he's acting in it as Spock) doesn't give you at least some comfort whatsoever. If so, then I'm very sorry.

I'm gonna stop now. I really don't want to be too antagonistic toward you because you're new and I've probably done enough damage already.

It's just we've had to deal with a lot of your concerns before and some of us are quite franky pretty tired of addressing it.
Just for the record--the OP is a fine example of an actual troll. Stops by the board, starts a thread with his/her first ever post just to stir up discontent.

For a bunch who loves throwing the word troll around, you sure do love to feed them. The best way to keep these fools away is ignoring them.
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