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Default This is Not a True Star Trek Movie

I will admit I have only seen the trailers but from what I have seen this is not a moive that is truly Star Trek.
It basically overwrites a numer of episodes from the original series.
First of all Chekov was not part of the original first set of the crew under Kirk's command. There was another helmsmen there in his place for a few episodes in the begining of the series.
Second in the trailer Kirk comes face to face with the Romulan Villlain. How can this be when in the original series there was no visual record of a Romulan. Remember in the original series episode where they fight a romulan ship and the are seeing a Romulan for the first time. They think Spock could be a Romulan spy.
Third as I recal Kirk in the original seires has never met Capt Pike until the episode where Spok takes him in his crippled body back to a planet where he is given the illusion of youth and helth.

I noticed and remembered these issues from just the trailers then what other things could they have done witht he full movie.
I did see a few revies and most had the same thing about the issues with the original series backstory and this so called movie.

I was talking about this movie release with a freind. And we both agree that at times it may be better that they let the Star Trek rest in peace.
Without the vision of Gene Roddenberry it has become more commerical and lost his passion.

Star Trek may you rest in peace until a true believer in in Gene Roddenberry's vision can raise you from the ashes of the corporate greed
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