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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
I never said it did. I am just saying the extra day does give trek a mathematical advantage. It actually may be a disadvantage on sites that only use the 3 day comparison because WHICH three days do they use? Fri-Sun will eliminate OPENING DAY!!! While a Thurs-Sat will eliminate a huge weekend market!!!
I'll give you an example to illustrate and use the Box Office Mojo info for Iron Man.

First - the three days they use are always the Fri-Sun figures.

So, Iron Man opened on a Thursday and earned and estimated $3.5 million. It went wide on the Friday and from the Fri-Sun earned $98.6 million. So on the Sunday it's full gross to that point was $102.1 million in the bank. But it's official recorded opening weeked is the $98.6 figure because the Thursday isn't counted.

So If Trek earns $10 million on thursday then $80 million Fri-Sun, it's total gross will be $90 when it's reported, but it's actual opening is recorded as the $80 million figure.

It depends how early and wide the Thursday opening actually is.
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