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Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
Why does Abramsprise have to have an extra day to win against X-men?
I never said it did. I am just saying the extra day does give trek a mathematical advantage. It actually may be a disadvantage on sites that only use the 3 day comparison because WHICH three days do they use? Fri-Sun will eliminate OPENING DAY!!! While a Thurs-Sat will eliminate a huge weekend market!!!

Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
Seems if X-men gets 200 million in 3 days and Abramsprise gets 200 million in 4 days then the X-men wins.
Per day yes, but what if X-men had more screens, therefore more seats available? Doesn't seem fair. It's not a true comparison in many ways. If ALL things were equal, screens and seats available and number of showings, then that would be a true comparison, in my opinion.
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