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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
How many screens versus how many screens?

Won't an extra day and different screen numbers kind of mess up the comparison? Isn't that comparing apples to oranges? And why do the number of screen vary so much? I have never been to a theater that did NOT carry a new movie on opening night.
There's a couple of different things to consider, but yes Trek is opening at 3500 theatres vs 4,099 for Wolverine.

However theatre count is one thing. Screen count is another. The screen count can be higher than the theatre count (multiplexes etc that have 10 or more screens).

An extra day will give Trek an advantage in it's overall total, but it's 3 day weekend is still determinable against Wolverine - and is used as it's 'actual' opening weekend figure on sites such as Box Office Mojo.

As to why Wolverine has more theatres - I'm less aware of 'how' studios get cinemas to screen their films and in what numbers.
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