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Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
--In the original STAR WARS, Darth Vader seemed to have limited power.
Grand Moff Tarkin appeared to "hold Vader's leash" as Leia put it. So when
did Vader get as all-powerful as he was in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK? Was it
after Governor Tarkin died? Or was there yet more of a status ladder
climb that occurred between the two films?
It may be possible, and it has been mentioned, that Tarkin was placed in charge by the Emporer only on the Death Star. Who knows?

Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
--Han Solo really, REALLY wanted the money to pay off Jabba the Hutt in
STAR WARS, but three years later, in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, he still hasn't
payed it off. WTF? It must not have been that important after all! Or was
it? Did Han actually try to pay it off, but never got the chance?
You answered your own question. Remember at the end of Episode 4, he was going to pay him off, but decided to turn around and help defeat the empire and take care of the debt later. And at the beginning of Episode 5, he was intending to return to pay him back, but the empire found the rebels. He took the princess with him to keep her safe. Remember, in this episode, Jabba had enough and had hired bounty hunters to go after him. Boba Fett found him first and carried his frozen butt to Jabba. So in essence, he never got a chance. He put his friends before his debt.

Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
--When was the freaking Super Star Destroyer built? Don't tell me that thing
took only three years to build!!!
Who said it was? They might have had it even during Episode 4 but was somewhere else at the time. And don't look at things too linearly. Just because it was 3 years between episode 4 and 5, doesn't mean it was 3 years set that the story was taking place.

Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
--Was it the same way he treated Darth Maul, brutally and abusively?
HMM?? You might have seen a different Episode 1. I don't recall the emporer treating Maul "Brutally and abusively".

Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
--How did Darth Vader eat or drink? Was it in that Isolation chamber?
How did he pee? How did he poop? Did he shave? You see where I'm going with this. Use you imagination. However, I think he drank his coffee like Dark Helmet did in Spaceballs.
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