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Exclamation HD DVD and Blu-Ray at Tanagra. Paramount, his eyes opened!

I didn’t decide to wait, once I saw the Star Trek TOS HD with new FX my god I had to have it now, I even bought a HD DVD player just for Star Trek....ya hear that Paramount....getting in my wallet. Anyway, it was worth it, TOS look so incredible and was so satisfying I was giddy and restless like a child but my eyes were glued to the screen I was very impressed. The FX where great but mostly I loved the bright rich colors and the removal off all the lines and specs and dots and marks from the film give the more clear and crisp picture I have ever seen. Even watching TOS on DVD and then comparing it to cable television, I could not watch Star Trek on cable TV ever again (which sucks for syndicated ratings lol.) So you can imaging what TOS looked like on HD DVD compared to DVD, leaps and bounds my fellow trekkers and trekkies, leaps and bounds. I didn’t think the HD war would be over this soon but I am glad it is, and I have no problem buying Blu ray, I am just happy season 2 and 3 did not come out on HD. I only spent a couple hundred, Ill sell it on ebay, because someone will end up buying it. Blu ray or HD DVD I dont care they are both HD I am just happy one version of the format has now been solidified and I can look forward to all Star Trek movies and TV series coming out on the ole Blu-ray. I just want TOS remastered soon! YA hear me CBS, or Paramount, or Viacom..what ever you want to be called, just do it, do it now.
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