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Originally Posted by Ktrek View Post
My first VHS was a NEC and I bought it around 1981 or 1982 for $1000.00. It was state of the art and was a fine fine machine. It also recorded in Super VHS but I never used it. That machine recorded so good in EP mode I never recorded anything in LP or SP unless it was something really special. It worked fine until about 5 years ago and even though I bought another VHS machine it did not have near the picture quality the NEC had. Boy I loved that recorder! I recored literally thousands of VHS tapes on it without a hitch. It was pricey, even for the time, but when I look back now I can say I got my monies worth.

I remember purchasing my first VCR, it was a Fisher and cost me about $500 back in 1985. It was big and bulky but sturdy, the machine lasted 10 years until it finally broke down. It does bring back some good memories.

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