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Originally Posted by FranCat View Post get back to the subject at hand, If I knew enough people who would want to go, then I would look into the group discount...but unfortunately, I am a lonely island in a sea of Star Wars fans in my hometown, so I can not round up enough bodies to qualify for the group price. In Fact, this will be the first movie I have paid to see in three years; I just do not feel the need very often, to go to a movie theater, when I can wait a few weels or months, and own a copy of my own. Sci-Fi's are the only type of movie that I will Pay to see in a theater, and I would pay to see a Star Trek anytime I had the chance.
I just know Redshirt is going to kill me for this, but...

Do what most other people do when they want a discount, stand outside the theatre and get the minimum required for a group.

This happened at our theatre when Dark Knight and Watchmen came out. We do not care, it is the studio that gets mad.

You could save from about $1.50 to $5.00, depending on your local theatre circuit
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