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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post
I think the first six episodes or so, back when Dr. Smith was a bloodthirsty saboteur, and they were re-using the footage from the original "No Where To Hide" pilot, are some of the best science fiction TV ever created.

Sure. They could have worked a bit harder on the science aspect, but the show (back in it's early B&W days) has some wonderful mood. The music, by Johnny (John) Williams, still thrills me down to my toes!

Too bad it slipped into being outright kiddie fare shortly thereafter. I think there are only 2 episodes that I really cared for, after it went to color... that being the "Antimatter Man" and "Visit to a Hostile Planet".
Like most Irwin Allen shows, LIS was lobotomized as the show went on. Started out good, but then went downhill.

Amazing how Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea managed a full season (32 episodes, no less) of good stories before Allen started giving in to network pressure and lowering the quality of episodes.
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