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It was weird, in some ways... It was like they were deliberately blowing off what was working, to create something... less...

I mean, I loved the whole Jupiter 1 launch sequence... then the outer hull gets blown off, and they are left with something that looked like a cross between a hero sandwich, and the Millineum Falcon...

I LOVED the new robot deign. Huge, imposing, very practical. Then it gets eaten by spiders, and we spend the rest of the movie with a version of it that looks like it wandered into a back alley and was stripped by a street gang for parts.

Then they casually say the chariot, and the spacepod are toast...

I swear, if it weren't for Lacey being so damned cute... I would have walked out. Talk about missing the point of an Irwin Allen production! I.A. shows were more about cool engineering, and cold war tension than they ever were about the characters. (Something he shared with Gerry Anderson) But there was always that pulp adventure vibe going on in the background...

So much of that was missing from the movie. I agree with Beastie, though... it was a near miss.
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