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I rather liked the episode... for one thing, it had a group of aliens that actually thought in an alien way... absolute yes/no. Secondly, the Enterprise getting taken over by computer experts is something that happened even back on TOS... that's how Spock set the E off to Talos IV, you may remember.

The Bynars were interesting. I'm just sorry they weren't developed more as the series progressed. (Wouldn't it have made sense to have a pair onboard, to do tech support?) As it was, I think they were only mentioned in one other episode.

Still, you have to wonder... what would the Bynars reaction have been to the Borg? Would they have seen assimilation as an upgrade? Or would they have used their superior computer skills to take out the invaders with some kind of virus?

Again... great ideas... but then they completely miss the opportunities that are presented by them.
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