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Originally Posted by HokieinSC View Post
Fair question, CoW mAn. A Catch-22, that is!
Thank you. While I'm proud of the question I actually don't accept the premise that Obama doesn't have a plan - from the beginning of January when I started paying real attention he's been giving specifics but he's ALSO been giving a message of hope. I don't find the two mutually exclusive.

Yea the debate last night was mostly a wash. Hillary started off with some name-dropping that I thought would be seen as pandering but the crowd ate it up, then midway through the debate she got nasty saying that 2 lines suggested by his co-chair somehow equates to stealing entire passages and then that Xerox comment was low. Plithy, but a cheap shot devoid of substance. But then at the end her closing remarks got a standing O and I'm not really sure why. Was it because she made positive comments about Obama and thus provided a party-uniting note to end on? Or was it because, as some suggested, it was the first time she seemed to be aware that she might lose? I have no idea. And the laughter about the hard times she's faced, we're talking about Monica, right? When did adultery become funny? I have a polisci honours degree and the last few minutes of the debate confused the hell out of me.

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