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Originally Posted by tomcatjosh View Post
Anybody know how the ship explosions work? Is there a ship drift like in ST 3?
Well, Tommy, when two starships really hate each other, their captain's tell all their wonderful crews that there's going to be some knock knock, and then one starship fires its hoo hah at the other starship's wazoo, and there is much laughter to be had. Then when the two ship's have beaten each other up, one or both of them turn into bright balls of light and fire, and somewhere in another part of the galaxy, a baby laughs.

LOL! Ok, I couldn't go on.... I just put that in there because the question sounded like "How are babies made?" (it was just a first glance at the question and I couldn't resist, and my reply was all in good fun )

But onto the serious side :
If you've seen the movie "Alien Resurrection" they seemed to take their clues from submarine movies like Hunt for Red October and U-571....where there's a brief explosion, and then an implosion. I've often wondered if there was any basis in fact for that? I know shockwaves are out of the question, because as Michael Okuda says in his text commentary for Star Trek VI, shockwaves do not propagate in the vacuum of space.

Whenever I write explosions in my fanfics, the explosions are usually even more short lived than we see on shows like Battlestar Galactica. I write them as a bright flash of light that lasts no longer than a second, and there might be some debris.

Oh, you were asking about how they work/look in this movie? I apologize. I thought you were asking from a scientific viewpoint.

(scampers off, embarrassed)

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