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No Ridges.
Please, no bloody ridges.

In my opinion, those ridges were the first true sign that the Star Trek of the '60's and '70's was being morphed into a creature it was not intended to be - there are others in The Motion Picture as well that forshadowed the changes to come.

Klingons became the culture of the Romulans, and vice versa; why?
Who was smoking what when that happened?

I liked the Klingons as a Cold War analogy of the Russian state and its KGB; overt control of citizens through intimidation with covert agents and methods while their aggressive stance of military might makes right is clear and concise.

I liked the Romulans as an expression of the Chinese with its third world verging on first world metaphor; Balance of Terror as an implication tossed in of the Japanese as well to cover other well known aspects and infamy of the Orient.

These new Klingons and Romulans, well they just make me laugh when I see them.
That, and to shake my head in sadness.

So please, no ridges.
All ridges do is reinforce the idea of the races that they were never intended to be.

Yes, its all entertainment regardless; I understand that.
Make a good film!
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