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In response to your Huh? that you either deleted or was deleted...

Ok let me be first when I saw this I took it as a sarcastic knock on the movie. Anytime I see the term Abramsprise to describe the Enterprise I get a bit flustermigated and automatically think...Troll post! Or new movie hater! So having said that, perhaps that was not the intent here so forgive me for my comment if it seemed smart a$$.

Now in all honesty regarding your render. Some people may find it fun and interesting to change things to look like they fit somewhere else and that's cool if that's you. There is a place for everyone's contribution within reason. This particular one however I could not identify with nor can I identify with wanting to see the D in this color scheme. As for the work...yeah it looks like the colors you chose alright....well done...and frankly a "colored in MS paint image". does that mean its bad? That is the thing with art, its all perception and in the words of Timothy Leary "One mans high is another mans bad trip".

Ok now I will insert my foot....

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