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Originally Posted by sraviik View Post
its cuase gays of the future don't feel a need to flaunt their gayness in our faces... really i have no problem with gay people kissing marying or anything like that as long as they don't try to hit on me.


Perhaps you are right. Perhaps gays are better behaved in the future, than are the straights who hold hands, hug, even kiss on the bridge. Or who are seen putting their boots back on in their quarters after bedding the high speed space babe, or cuddling with an android built in the shape of the opposite sex, or ...

Or maybe the GLBT folk have just been pushed deep underground by some nasty laws and UFP regulations in the future... you know, like they'll be given the airlock, or keelhauled along the engineering hull if they are found out. It's as likely an explaination as any why gays don't seem to exist in Trek...

Or maybe they just put gays, on detection, into one of those whirly light chairs from the "Whom Gods Destroy" episode, and tell them... "You are straight... you are straight... forget who you actually are, and whom you honestly love... you are straight...." Yeah. Brainwashing! That's it. That's the positive future that Roddenberry was creating!
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