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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
But reports say that
heavy story spoiler

Or did I get that wrong?
Yeah, I read that too and since I saw Sarek during the fight on the bridge I wondered about the timeframe.

It seems to be logical if the fight is directly after the Vulcan/Narada/Basejump/Rescue etc. and Sarek simply followed his Son on the bridge to see what's up with all this and possibly help in evcuating Vulcan. But that would mean, that Kirk attacked Spock someway (or vice versa) before he has met old Spock.

Possibly Sarek stays on board after the Vulcan Incident, but there is so much in the open, the only fact is: He is there at the fight.

Another possibility would be, that Kirk and Spock haven't only one fight, but two and that this first one (we always witness in the trailer, where Sarek must be there) happens before and later on Delta Vega Kirk becomes from old-Spock personally the "rightful weapons" to get really under his skin?

But since the Enterprise has started from Earth and is somewhere in Space and has to go to Vulcan first, which could take from an few hours to a few days, it's quite possible, that Spock dumps Kirk out of some reason well before they arrive at Vulcan.

Kirk is on Delta Vega, catches Scotty and beams back on the Enterprise before they arrive the Battlefield at Vulcan.

This speculating is so much fun ....
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