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Default Bridge panorama - thoughts on design?

Hi. I know there's been a small amount of discussion elsewhere, I'm not trying to duplicate for the sake of it, but I think the panorama gives so much info that it warrants its own discussion thread.

I'm just flabbergasted how little comment there's actually been, given many site members' passionate criticism and defence of the new movie's design. There really has been a resounding silence from most of the "traditionalists" who have been eager to discuss fan made models for months, yet here we have the real thing and...silence? Maybe everyone likes the new bridge and happiness writes in white ink?

From my own point of view, in spite of the extra bridge stations I was quite surprised how many elements are kept from the sixties bridge, the steps up to the big chair, the railings etc. I found the design quite surprising, it has a retro quality that I hadn't expected and the size was much more compact than it first appeared....What do people think?

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