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We've had how many different producers/directors now? They can't all have been homophobes. Personally, I believe that STNG did take a stab or two at it, just not directly. However, STNG did put forward a couple of sexual theories that were even farther ahead and possibly more controversial than homosexuality or bi-sexuality. Like a human woman (Tasha Yar) having sex with an android, and a human (Ryker)falling in love with a member of a race that had only one sex. Come to think of it, TOS pioneered alien love between Zephram Cochrane and "The Companion" in "Metamorphasis". So perhaps they just skipped a sexual proclivity or two, huh?

P.S.: Not to mention Sarek and Amanda, eh? And Pike eyeing those green Orion slave girls? I mean I'm sure when we finally do contact aliens and someone finally develops a relationship with one, someone's going to cry "foul" then too, eh? Which reminds me of "Galaxy Quest" when Crewman Number #6 is watching Tec Sgt. Chen and Laliari "Hey, get a room guys......Oh, that's not right!".
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