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Ah, but Trek, Mission, always had the guts to portray minorities in roles of responsibility, and of power within the UFP... Not just within the Enterprise's crew, but there was an African American Commadore who was part of the tibunal in "Court Martial" and so was Dr. Richard Daystrom, who was responsible for many of the E's computer systems before inventing the M-5. The head of a deep space mental institution was asian. Women were routinely shown in roles of authority as well... Doctor's, lawyers, scientists...

Examples were shown on TOS, to show us that women and minorites would one day become equals. Thus giving many role models to shoot for. How many women went into the space program because they watch Lt. Uhura? (Judging from some of the stories Nichelle tells at cons, the answer is "many.")

These examples were on TV at a time when the ERA, women's lib, and civil rights for black people were hot button issues of the day.

So why has Trek held back on showing us GLBT characters in the same way?
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