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Sarek ...

found it - I have it as screenshot, but you can also see him at 1:41 in Trailer 2 (The old Spock Version) - go slowly, pic by pic then Sarek (?) stands in the upper right on the bridge - just in the moment, when Spock smashes Kirk into the console.

Its very blurred like some other details, but I assume it is Sarek, because of the slight grey hair in bowl cut fashion and the clothing - same as in scene, when Spock gets them off from Vulcan. (same trailer, watch out at 1:21 pic for pic to see his clothing) IF that actually is Sarek and not the high counsil or such VIPs, but I'm quite sure it's Sarek in both scenes.

I'm wondering, what may have happened, that Spock gets crazy in front of his very strict father ... my oh my (little fanficwriterheart beating fast)

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