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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
I agree, I mean who's to say there are not civilizations out there millions of years old, with millions of years of technological development. These things may take time, if we can survive in the long run. The dinosaurs were the dominant form of life on this planet for roughly 170 million years or so. Modern humans have been here roughly 130,000 years or so and recorded history is only about 8,000 years and look what we've achieved in that time. Look what we've achieved just in the last hundred years. We're new borns on the cosmic scale of civilizations if such a scale exists. Who knows how long the human race will last and what it will achieve.

If warp drive is impossible, it may only seem that way from our limited science. Things will change, new discoveries will arise and if we can survive in the long term I'd say interstellar travel will happen. It may not be anything like warp drive and it may not happen for a millenia but if we can last, it'll happen I think.
Nice post. This is the way I tend to look at it too.
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