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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Concerning Bakula's portrayal of Archer, I understand that many people don't like it and feel that he overacts. I felt so too for quite some time but after I got used to it, it seemed very natural to have a captain who has not been through specific training, after all he is the very first human captain in deep space. It's not like he can go by the book, as no book about how to make first contact, how to deal with hostile aliens, etc. has been written yet.
He also conveyed the excitement of exploration which got a little lost in the previous shows.
It's intresting.
My perceptions rarely change unless I see progress. To me intolerable is always intolerable no matter how many times it's said, seen or written.

Archer was Military.
The Military has decorum. A decorated officer of captain knows his place and barking down diplomats (alien or not) in front of top brass is a big no,no. It makes me wonder how he got to his rank.

When it comes to politics and military knowing your place is pivotable to your carreer. Star Fleet was played to fast an loose to be based off a Earth Military. Ever been on a sub? It's yes, sir, no sir and aye aye sir. He didn't hold himself up like a military officer either.

I thought that would have made the show more intresting. Star Fleet was to be a meshing of civilian and military intresting. Weapon officers Captains in the same system with scientist linguist and perhaps politicians. The conflict that would have made would have been EXCELLENT.

Perhaps even make the character more intresting.

Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
I liked that they tried something different with the theme song, I just didn't like what they came up with. Of course I never really liked the TMP/TNG Goldstein theme- too martial for my taste. My favorites are Voyager's and TOS'.
I dinna hate TNG...but after 15 years....ENOUGH ALREADY. Stop the madness. PLEASE. Voyager's was the Best to me as well as DS9.

I think the could have done an original song by any one but not Rod that was bad.

Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
*It just seemed like they were attempting to polish a turd.*
You might consider rethinking this old saw.
I remember this episode of Mythbusters and it was pretty funny:
Originally Posted by ThePhaige View Post
It just seemed like they were attempting to polish a turd. I really wanted to like it, like I said. It just felt like retread after retread and very little original thinking. I think the best episodes were perceived as such because they dealt with canon and familiar themes from our past recollections of the best Treks, and it was all nostalgic. When the show attempted originality it fell way flat. I have seen every episode of the series and would not lose one minutes sleep if I never saw them again.

Never forget that CGI Gorn, I was so embarrassed and no one was even watching.

Jotting down Notes:
Category: Use of colorful metaphors

1.Polishing a turd: The process of attempting to enduce a reflective smooth surface from a congealed mass of fecal matter....Fascinating....

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