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When I was a kid, we had a Bank close to our house that had a computer in it's's entire basement. It had tape drive after tape drive and probably took up an area the size of an acre or more, and all this computer couldn't do half of what a modern desktop PC can do now. That was 1970, back then, only the most wealthy and important people had phones in their cars, they were huge and took up a lot of space. If you had told people then that pay phones would dissapear and that they'd be carrying around a phone on their person the size of a candy bar, they would have laughed you to scorn. Now think about trying to tell a Viking or an Ancient Roman citizen about the technology we have now and imagine how they'd react. If you fired up a Zippo in 17th century America, you would have been burned as a witch. The things we have now were impossible then because the stepping stones to our level of technology hadn't been stepped on yet, people back then were still climbing. We too are still climbing those steps. Someday, a step will be reached that makes all of this conjecture obsolete. I personally don't believe there's any problem that hard work and imagination cannot solve, eventually.
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